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Training & Planning Administration System


 Flight Planners at Flight

Operations want to know:


·         Which plane(s) is/are available


·         Where is/are my plane(s)


·         Which crew is available


·         Details about the destinated

      airports, like

   o    runway information,

   o    Categorisation,

   o    Airport of Entry,

   o    Fire fighting.



·         Which suppliers are available

      at the destination?

   o    Fuel

   o    Catering

   o    Ground handling

   o    HOTAC

   o    Maintenance


·         FTL



They need to have this information within easy reach, without having to search for it with frustration.


My Airteam created T&PAS, a fully integrated program, where all this information is stored to let the planners work in a more than efficient way instead of looking in many places.


Planners can really start to manage flights and control all aspects to complete the flight planning process, for all operations no matter they are charter, small - and/or company airlines.


Clear alerts prevent that tasks have to be done in the last minute, not causing delays in flights.


Included is an Airport database, in which already 4000 airports with their main information, and which can be adjusted to your own convenience.

T&PAS checks full legal compliance:


  • FDP
  • FTL
  • Rest
  • Block


and automatically calculates and shows upcoming restrictions.


For further in-depth analyses many input data can be combined by data mining, leading to reports that you desire, which makes it easier for management decisions.


T&PAS can be connected with (almost) any other supplier of data, like PPS and Briefing.com.