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Training & Checking Administration System


T&CAS is an online ERP based application that helps your organisation to document, check and control all necessary licenses, checks and numerous expiry dates of documents of every employee.


Store a copy of a license, MED or virtually any course and keep control over your employees. Plan ahead, be on top of everything concerning your training organisation.

Quality Control

Easily conduct your own internal and external audits from any place or even from home.

T&CAS gives overviews on instant documented by the storage of the original documents and results.


T&CAS is capable of sending prof-check forms automatically to your government authority (after mutual agreement of course)

Use the overview for instant easy access per fleet type to gain knowledge of the current state of training of your crew members or ground staff.


With T&CAS running, your training organisation will most certainly save your company personnel costs and will let you handle more easily the required management tasks, instead of being a day to day administrator.

T&CAS, created and developed to be THE instrument to make responsibilities, planning, administration and other tasks of Postholders run smoothly again.


Easily plan courses and training of all your employees, whether they are


  • Ground Staff
  • Captains,
  • First or Second Officers
  • Cabin Staff
  • Technicians
  • Other


 No matter the number of employees or training sessions, simply start planning with T&CAS.


The system will automatically:

  • Update the pilot or employee files
  • Update the total overview
  • Generate new expiry dates

With T&CAS you will easily create


  • Personal files
  • Special Pilot files
  • Cabin Attendant files
  • Instructor files
  • Create and plan courses
  • Electronic library for Syllabi


More over, with T&CAS easily monitor


  • Validity of Syllabi
  • Validity of all Checks
  • Progress of planned training activities


T&CAS will let you know who is due for checks and training and gives overview of planned courses and/or simulator checks.


Never be too late or too early in planning your checks evermore. Both cost the company financial resources.

Start saving now


The next step is yours

Test it (and us) and see with your own eyes what T&CAS can do for YOUR organisation. Experience in a demo the benefits of T&CAS for making the responsibilities for your organisation easier, faster and flawless. Let us show you that even your company does not need to spend a lot of money and still be professional. Don’t hesitate


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Look forward to create time again for your organisation’s goal:”Keep them flying”, while knowing that all obligations for administration run smoothly.