Flight Crew Matters !

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Crew Scheduling & Rostering Administration System

Crew Scheduling & Rostering is way more than just putting together a list of duties for your employees.
Both employees and the fleet can' t be allocated on duty for 365 days per year and situations may change by the day. 
Not only are holidays, maintenance, and (re-)current training of big influence but also changes in time and legs or fleet combination is a big part of a total schedule.
Your organisation needs to be certain that employees are timely informed about their schedule as well as about changes in the schedule and that they are aware of the changes.

Another matter of big importance is to be sure that all scheduling and changes stay within the FTL and CLA.

  • checks all the rules and goes even beyond the standard.

  • calculates the optimum in crew, which can save your organisation a lot of money

  • signals manco's in the schedule of every employee.