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T&CAS  - The modules


Training & Checking Administration System


Main Module: Training and Checking control

The Training  and checking modules fully support a training organisation where it concerns recurrent and some initial training and checking of employees.


Planning  and administration of courses and even syllabi are very handy tools.


Even any audit is completed successfully within minutes, saving you and the auditing authority many working hours.


No last minute stress to get documents in order or looking for papers throughout the company.


Except for the “student” training, which is a separate module, all training, recurrent initial or stand alone courses can be administered.

Sub Module: Training & checking Monitor

This part of the training module monitors all required recurrent training as well as expiry dates of some documents. The Monitor shows which employees are due for a training. Easily access the training planning part which show available planned courses or direct to a new course to be planned.


This part of the system sends warnings to other modules where up to date and current employees are necessary. Sort on any training or employee without the need to export to other programs such as e.g. MS-excel.

Storage of the original documents for prove is done via easy link to the personal (pilot or CA) files.


The training and check monitor is a tool that, from the beginning that you start using it, you can't believe you have ever used other programs and tools to get the job done.