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 Consultancy at Start-Up


Our team has proven skills with management expertise in strategy, operations, commerce, finance, maintenance and engineering.


We can advise on

  • Airline Start-Up to help you launch your flight company
  • Efficient continuation of existing small/medium airlines/ACMI business etc.
  • Maneuvering efficiently through Audits
  • Help with Documents required for AOC
  • Help with Training programs, syllabi, forms, recurrent administration



My Airteam ...... YOUR team to fly



My Airteam has proven experience with all the task and duties to help you with setting up and creating your AOC. We can help you to create your AOC, which will fit like a perfect suit, describing all necessary aspects, like:


  • Your organisation structure
  • The key personnel and their function
  • The location(s)
  • Policy - and Procedure Handbooks

We can offer one of our consultants onsite, acting as a project manager, steering the project's tasks and who will work directly with your managers, helping actively to create your AOC, including submitting it to the authority involved.


Another option is that our consultant will work in the background and out of our own office, monitoring the progress and contact the board and/or managers to have them steer the employees to write your AOC.


No matter what option you will chose, you can rely upon the consultant will fulfill full checks during and at the end of the project. We also will monitor the authorities approval and help you deal with questions or issues that the authority will come up with.


Then you're (almost) ready for Take Off
















Other tasks before or at Start Up that My Airteam consultants can help you with are:


Preparing, Setting up and creating:


  • Endorsements
  • Courses and syllabi
  • Basic Administration
  • Pilots and CA Administration 
  • Forms and Documents
  • Student Administration
  • Crew Rostering
  • Flight Planning
  • Crew Scheduling
  • Crew Planning
  • Many more


Why hesitate. Contact us for more information.