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There are many different types of flight companies in Airline Industry.


Just to mention a few:







Operational they differ a lot, but at the end the management wants and needs a few basic things for them and their employees:


Enjoy working and financially healthy


Often, this goes together.


BUT......... as soon as one of these  

Pillars of Security is lacking the other pillar becomes also uncertain.



This often results in day by day management instead of operational or even strategic management.


Let us help you to get focus (again)!!

Operational consultancy from My Airteam are specialised in the field of aviation and can help you with every discipline in your company.


Are your goals known and carried out by:


The managers?

The departments?

The staff?


Are the procedures known and carried out?


Often the goals and procedures are clear in writing, but wile the business is ongoing they may have changed over time, forced by the market or change of employees.


We can start to evaluate existing goals and procedures and the reason why they exist.

Next we'll examine how they are handled and which conflicts (of interest) we encounter and why.


Finally we will report how to enhance the, probably already strong, points of your operations and possible improvements.


The report can help you to get all staff again on the same page.

With having the report things won't change just by themselves. Tasks and duties of departments may have to be altered and procedures may have to be rewritten.


We understand that, in the daily stress you struggle to find time to work this all out, not to mention to discuss and instruct the change to the departments.


Let us help you to get the best out of every department (again)!






    My Airteam can help you to


  • Check existing or set (new) goals


  • Hand management tools


  • Check and write (new) Procedures


  • Instruct departments


  • Motivate staff and crew


  • Create instruments


  • Help balance number of staff


  • Reduce costs