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  • Plan Flights simply with T&PAS
  • Plan Training easy with T&CAS
  • Schedule/Roster Crew  CaeSaR

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Training Administration

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Aircraft Planning

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Starting up a project or even a Flight Company?

Ever considered getting help from a Professional?


It may be a very profitable way to have a flying

start when you contact one of our consultants

Why My Airteam??



Welcome to My Airteam

Professionals in Flight administration, originally based (and/or still based) in all aspects of Flights, like Post Holder, Air Traffic Controller, active Pilots, Planners etc.

We deal with your problems like they are our own and don't have 9-5 attitude. We are committed to - and help - our clients with problems they are facing, no matter how big and offer instruments to make your company work.

Contact us and we will show you how our solutions may save you time and costs.


  • Active Professionals.
  • Very competitive prices.
  • 24 hr. Helpdesk
  • Fully EU-Ops.
  • Excellent Support
  • More reasons: